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Probably born into the wrong era, Laura spends most of her time trying to escape into the past with a love of old buildings, dusty books, strange museums and fading gravestones.

Laura studied Fine Art at Macclesfield College from 2009 - 2011. After running her own jewellery and homewares shop for two years, she finally worked up the courage to start sharing her original drawings online in 2013 and has been working full time as an illustrator - watching lots of murder mysteries and drinking cups of tea - ever since.

Laura loves working with museums and heritage sites and her products have been sold in The Brontë Parsonage Museum, The Jane Austen Centre, The British Library, The Royal Exchange Theatre, The John Rylands Library, and The People's History Museum.

When she's not illustrating new products for her shop - usually inspired by classic literature or historical figures - she can be found writing and acting with her theatre company, Time & Again.   

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