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Miss Marple Wooden Pin

Miss Marple Wooden Pin

This wooden pin is an illustration of Agatha Christie's detective Miss Marple, with her famous scarf and knitting. 


“Everybody in St. Mary Mead knew Miss Marple; fluffy and dithery in appearance, but inwardly as sharp and as shrewd as they make them.” 


Perfect for those that always have their nose in a book - and love solving a murder mystery or two - it would make a lovely gift for any fan of reading and golden era crime. This pin would look lovely on a bag or jacket lapel.


This 40mm pin is laser cut from 3mm birch plywood with a little silver butterfly fastening on the back.

  • EU Customers

    Please note, customers living in the EU will need to head over to my Etsy store to place their order, due to the recent customs law changes. This only applies to customers living in the EU - UK, US and customers living in the rest of the world are able to shop right here, via my website. Thank you so much!

£6.50 Regular Price
£3.90Sale Price
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