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Safari Wrapping Paper

Safari Wrapping Paper

Wrap your presents with jungle flair! This colourful wrapping paper is covered in beautiful illustrations of a whole host of safari animals and birds!

The gift wrap features my original black ink illustrations of Tigers, Giraffes, Zebras, Flamingos, Orangutans, and Parrots against a green background. Perfect birthday paper or gift wrap for those that love trekking through the jungle and going on safari, this paper will appeal to any animal lover!

Add a finishing touch with brown jute or red and white bakers twine, and matching gift tags; Zebra, Giraffe and Flamingo.


Printed by a UK based eco-friendly printers, from my own beautiful drawings, onto 100gsm 100% recycled paper using vegetable based inks. Your gift wrap will arrive beautifully packaged, snug and safe folded or rolled in a tube.


This is a full-size sheet of wrapping paper measuring 50cm x 70cm. Each gift tag measures approximately 5.7 cm by 9cm.

  • EU Customers

    Please note, customers living in the EU will need to head over to my Etsy store to place their order, due to the recent customs law changes. This only applies to customers living in the EU - UK, US and customers living in the rest of the world are able to shop right here, via my website. Thank you so much!

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