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William Shakespeare Wooden Keyring

William Shakespeare Wooden Keyring

This wooden keyring features my original illustration of a stack of books by the playwright William Shakespeare, in shades of yellow, including his plays Hamlet, Macbeth and Henry V!


Ideal for any bookworm or lover of classic literature, this keyring would look perfect on any set of keys or bag zip.


This 40mm keyring is laser cut from 3mm birch plywood with a bronze chain and ring.


This badge is part of a set of book shelf wooden pins, also featuring William Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen!

  • EU Customers

    Please note, customers living in the EU will need to head over to my Etsy store to place their order, due to the recent customs law changes. This only applies to customers living in the EU - UK, US and customers living in the rest of the world are able to shop right here, via my website. Thank you so much!

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